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Rejlers is one of the largest and most rapidly expanding engineering consultancies, originating from the Nordics. We have over 1 000 professionals in the industry division in Finland and Middle East. The Rejlers Group employes over 2 400 people in 4 countries.

We aim beyound customer expectations in order to be rewarded with lasting trust. With our technical know-how and expertise in digitalisation we are committed to combine continuous innovation with respect for the planet whilst adding value to our clients’ business.

We welcome challenging assignments by engaging the passion of our talented people, who believe there is always a better way. We deliver business value through decades of experience, combined competences and market insights.

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Founded 1942

Rejlers was founded in the region of Småland, Sweden in 1942, and has been active as an consultancy firm ever since.

In broad outline, the company’s business has run alongside Sweden’s development as an industrial nation. Initially, the company was active in the expansion of the electricity supply network in Sweden.

After that, the company’s employees participated in the nation’s industrialisation and the mass housing initiative referred to as the Million Programme. Railway and telecommunications were added during the 1990s and 2000s. Environmental technology is being developed as a separate expertise during the 2010s.

Rejlers has retained the character of a family business and is now listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

REJLERS + Neste Engineering Solutions

  • Creates a leading tech process consultant in Finland 1000 employees and in Nordic’s and Middle East with more than 2300 superpowers.
  • Creates a common reference bank that will be a ‘winner’ of the future oriented projects.
  • Creates a NEW REJLERS with a variety of interesting assignments @NES and with 100’s of other clients.
  • Creates a skilled and warm company based on the very same values.
  • A ‘smooth & human integration’ will be the key



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