ADNOC selects Rejlers Abu Dhabi to provide Engineering Services to support their 2030 strategy

ADNOC Onshore has awarded long term Design & Drafting Service Contract to REJLERS Abu Dhabi

Control Contracting & Trading Company awarded Rejlers an engineering contract for Lower Zakum offshore oil field development

ADNOC Onshore has awarded Mega Pipeline design contract to Rejlers Abu Dhabi

March 6, 2023


Rejlers Finland and Infinited Fiber Company, planning to build a circular textile fiber factory in Kemi, Finland, have signed a letter of award regarding engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the investment.

Fashion and textile technology company Infinited Fiber Company turns trashed textiles into premium-quality fiber for the textile industry using its patented technology. Infinited Fiber breaks waste down to molecular level and captures its value by giving it new life as Infinna™ textile fiber that looks and feels like cotton and is known scientifically as cellulose carbamate fiber. While Infinited Fiber focuses on using cotton-rich textiles as feedstock, the technology can also turn other cellulose-rich materials – old newspapers, used cardboard, crop residues like rice and wheat straw – into new fiber.

For Rejlers, the estimated project schedule is 22 months and the estimated value for Rejlers is approximately EUR 50 million. The project is expected to start in the autumn 2023. Project preparations start in the spring. Rejlers in Finland will be leading the project involving the whole Rejlers Group. Infinited Fiber expects to start commercial Infinna™ deliveries from the Kemi factory in January 2026.

“We very much look forward to this cooperation. This extensive project represents circularity, modern technology and new venture and encompasses EPCM delivery – all of these aspects are attractive for us and in line with our strategy. Rejlers’ EPC and EPCM portfolio has increased substantially over the last years,” says Mikko Vaahersalo, CEO Rejlers Finland.

“Selecting Rejlers as the EPCM partner for our EUR 400 million Flagship factory project was a result of thorough consideration. Their leading expertise in delivering complex EPCM projects make them an ideal partner to help us build the world’s first Infinna™ fiber factory, which is a key steppingstone to scaling up our production capacity,” says Petri Alava, CEO of Infinited Fiber Company.

The new factory, at the site of a discontinued paper mill in Kemi, will have a capacity of 30,000 metric tons of Infinna™ annually, equivalent to the fiber needed for about 100 million T-shirts. The future factory’s customer-base includes several of the world’s leading apparel companies, with most of the future production capacity already sold out for several years.



Oct 26, 2021

ADNOC selects Rejlers Abu Dhabi to provide Engineering Services to support their 2030 strategy

Rejlers Abu Dhabi (RAD) has secured Strategic Frame work Agreement with ADNOC as announced by ADNOC Group on 19th. October 2021. This Agreement is highly prestigious and proves value of RAD competence and competitiveness amongst its tier group. This frame work agreement carries a core importance to RAD as it will be used across the value chain in ADNOC Group of Companies (11 companies) to support implementation of their 2030 strategy.

The agreement duration is for Five (5) Years with an option to extension of two (2) years. The Agreement is, as announced by ADNOC, estimated to be worth of $204.4 million (AED750.2 million) for Concept and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Services.  

The scope of the Agreement is based on the forecasted requirement for external project engineering services across the ADNOC Group and involves a range of services including Conceptual Studies, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Specialized Studies and Plant Modification Requests (PMR) , through Fix Price or Reimbursable Call-Off Orders issued under the Agreement.

The services are expected to be delivered mostly from UAE based Office which in turn would enable a stable local growth for RAD.

“Over 40 international and local engineering companies were invited originally to bid, after 18 months of bidding, meetings and evaluations, we are proud to be one of the companies who have been finally selected to provide these services to ADNOC Group of Companies” says Jarmo Suominen, Generel Manager of Rejlers Abu Dhabi.




Sep 29, 2021

ADNOC Onshore awarded a mega FEED contract for Crude Oil Transportation Facility to Rejlers Abu Dhabi

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more!  This is exemplified with Rejlers Abu Dhabi (RAD) new contract of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for West to East Pipeline (WEP) from ADNOC Onshore.

Due to the stellar project execution by RAD for the existing contract of In-house projects engineering, ADNOC onshore has once again chosen RAD to execute this landmark strategic project.

West East Pipeline Project involves crude oil transportation system, Storage Tanks and Pumping Stations along the pipeline route. The project also involves facilities such as Offshore crude unloading, storage and pumping facilities, Intermediate pumping stations and associated power system and control system upgrade.




Sep 1, 2021

Control Contracting & Trading Company awarded Rejlers an engineering contract for Lower Zakum offshore oil field development

The offshore arm of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc Offshore) has awarded Abu Dhabi-based Control Contracting & Trading Company (CCTC) a contract for the maintenance and upgrade of units included in its Lower Zakum offshore oil field development. CCTC has in turn awarded an engineering contract to the Abu Dhabi Branch of Sweden-headquartered Rejlers to carry out detailed engineering works on the project, sources added.

The project aims to replace emergency diesel generators and upgrade low-voltage electrical switchgears at the Lower Zakum oil production complex, according to sources.




Jan 11, 2021

We operate now in UAE officially under name of Rejlers!

In October 1st. 2019 Neste Engineering Solutions agreed to create a strategic partnership with engineering consultancy services company Rejlers. As part of the partnership agreement, Rejlers acquired the Regional Business Unit of Neste Engineering Solutions and the parties made a long-term cooperation agreement to serve their customers even better.

Neste Engineering Solutions AB – Abu Dhabi have now officially changed its name to Rejlers International Engineering Solutions AB (in short Rejlers Abu Dhabi or RAD). As a branch office of Rejlers Group in UAE we will continue serving our current and new customers with same excellence and passion as before. This year marks also Rejlers 10th anniversary in Abu Dhabi, UAE.