ADNOC Onshore has awarded long term Design & Drafting Service Contract to REJLERS Abu Dhabi

Jan 11, 2021

We operate now in UAE officially under name of Rejlers!

In October 1st. 2019 Neste Engineering Solutions agreed to create a strategic partnership with engineering consultancy services company Rejlers. As part of the partnership agreement, Rejlers acquired the Regional Business Unit of Neste Engineering Solutions and the parties made a long-term cooperation agreement to serve their customers even better.

Neste Engineering Solutions AB – Abu Dhabi have now officially changed its name to Rejlers International Engineering Solutions AB (in short Rejlers Abu Dhabi or RAD). As a branch office of Rejlers Group in UAE we will continue serving our current and new customers with same excellence and passion as before. This year marks also Rejlers 10th anniversary in Abu Dhabi, UAE.